Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Don't Believe the Biased Media Polls - Trump is Destroying Hillary

The liberal media has an agenda and it is to destroy Donald J. Trump and his campaign for President of the United States. They constantly try to show Hillary Clinton in the best possible light. I don't really understand how that is possible considering all the lies, deceptions, and deaths that occur around the Clinton's. Yet, CNN, MSNBC and other liberal news media outlets are not reporting the truth about both campaigns. They are showing polling results that are "cooked" in Hillary's favor. They are constantly taking Donald's words out of context (granted, some are his own fault) and they want you to believe that he doesn't have a chance to win.

Well folks, I am here to tell you that may not be the case and that based off of real-time numbers alone, one can see that Trump is destroying Clinton is every Social Media realm. In some cases, there are more followers/subscribers that are against Hillary than there are for her. 


Let's begin by looking at the numbers for both Trump & Clinton on social media sites.
  • Facebook Followers:
    • Trump has 10,328,586 followers
    • Clinton has 5,550,719 followers
    • Difference: Trump has 4,782,595 more followers than Clinton
  • Facebook Live Viewers:
    • Trump averages over 30,000 viewers 
    • Clinton average around 500 viewers
    • Difference: Trump has on average 29,500 more people watching his live feeds
  •  Twitter Followers:
    • Trump has 10,956,713 followers
    • Clinton has 8,340,856 followers
    • Difference: Trump has 2,615,857 more followers than Clinton
  •  Reddit Subscribers by Page:
  • Instagram
    • Trump has 2,297,682 followers
    • Clinton has 1,929,333 followers
    • Difference: Trump has 368,349 more followers than the Clinton page
  • Youtube:
    • Trump has 56,765 followers
    • Clinton has 67,210 followers
    • Difference: Clinton has 10,445 more followers than the Trump page

Trump had more followers/subscribers on 5 of the 6 social media sites with Clinton only leading the way on YouTube. The total number of followers/subscribers on all sites combined are as follows:

  • Trump has a total of 23,870,494 followers/subscribers
  • Clinton has a total of 15,914,042 followers/subscribers
  • Difference: Trump has 7,956,452 more followers/subscribers on social media than Clinton. 
You can choose to believe what you want about Donald Trump and whether or not he is winning or losing. You can choose not to look at the statistics and you can choose to believe whatever you want. I just wanted to clear the air and show NUMBERS THAN MATTER in this day and age and those numbers tell me Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the United States. 


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