Monday, May 16, 2016

CFL Adidas Uniforms

On May 12, 2016 Adidas in a new partnership agreement with the Canadian Football League (CFL) introduced the new uniforms from the company. Some of the uniforms are good, some are bad, and there is definitely an ugly one in the mix. I would not say that any one uniform is great, but the closest is either the Winnipeg Blue Bombers or the Toronto Argonauts. Please read below to learn more about my thoughts on each team uniform.

All teams are listed alphabetically:

BC Lions = F
The Lions went from a beautiful set last year to an absolutely ugly set this year that equals a Nike & Tampa Bay Buccaneers disaster. This is a major downgrade from their previous set for so many reasons. For starters, the black and orange helmets are okay, but the logo is a straight rip-off from the Michigan Panthers of the USFL. Second, those beautiful stripes from the home and away set last year are gone and replaced with black pants (home) and orange pants (road) is a fail. Finally, the jersey template for the new uniform is awful. Why have the shoulders be a different color than the rest of the jersey? This look is so late 1990's esque like the Tennessee Titans. I could go on, but this uniform is total garbage and truly is not work my time.

Calgary Stampeders = D
Did they not learn from the NFL and Nike by having a Cleveland Browns type script on the pants as this is a major downgrade.In addition, why did they remove the TV numbers? This takes away from the uniform. Speaking of the jersey, what even have the black on the side of the red jersey? It was not needed and ruins the overall look. The only positive thing I can say about this uniform is that I do like the updated font.

Edmonton Eskimos = C-
The only things that I really like for the new uniform is the collar and they fact that they kept a similar design. The things I hate are quite a few: I hate the new stripes as they do not look as great as the old ones. I hate the removal of the TV numbers, and I hate the matte color of the jersey.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats = C-
From a distance, the new Adidas uniforms appear to be the same design, but upon closer inspection, you can see that Adidas clearly dropped the ball in a few areas. First, why remove the existing pants stripe? The new solid black and yellow pants are just so BORING! Second, the stripes on the jerseys used to go all the way around the arm, now they do not. I appreciate Adidas trying to stick with the old design, but their templates just don't quite cut it.
2015 Uniforms:

2016 Uniforms


Montreal Alouettes =F
I know I complain about teams changing things too much sometimes, but when a team like Montreal whose uniforms sucked before doesn't change a thing, it makes you scratch your head wondering what they were thinking. Montreal has some beautiful past uniforms and I was really hoping they would have went back to those designs. But unfortunately, they have decided to remain ugly.

Ottawa Redblacks = D
Out of all the elements for all teams, the Redblacks have added the worst element from any team in the league, which is the #RNATION hashtag. What the hell? I thought this was football and not Twitter. Besides the stupid hashtag, just having a Cleveland Browns type script on the pants is a major downgrade. 

Saskatchewan Roughriders = C-
If you know me at all, you know that I love monochrome uniforms and that is precisely how the Roughriders normally where their uniforms. But the problem here is they stayed with a similar 90's template similar to the Denver Broncos where the stripe on the jersey starts under the arm and goes all the way down the bottom of the pants. This is not a bad look, it is just and old look that should have been updated. Overall I still like the uniform, but they look major points for removing the TV numbers.

Toronto Argonauts = A
This is one of the best updates by Adidas in all of the CFL. They stuck with a winning look and slightly modified it where it was not needed by truncating the stripes on the pants half way down the leg. Even with this slight modification, I love this uniform.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers = A+
Even though I am not crazy about the yoke on the away jersey, I believe this is by far the best looking uniform in the CFL. Adidas did an amazing job of going to the past to find the perfect look for the Blue Bombers. Especially considering the nightmarish uniform they were wearing last season. Bravo!

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