Thursday, March 3, 2016

Opinion: Supporters being thrown out of Presidential Rallys

So the media and the GOP are creating videos that show protesters being thrown out of rally's for Donald Trump, yet you have not seen many of videos where protesters are being kicked out Hillary Clinton rallies. So this post is dedicated to show all ejections. I would say this to all protesters, there are ways to protest without being asses, so if someone is talking, respect them and listen. That goes for both Democrats & Republicans. 

Black Lives Matter - Hillary Clinton

Several clips of people being ejected from Clinton rallies over the years: 

Marine removed over Bengazi comments (Hillary Clinton)

What other candidate would ask supporters come to the stage after helping to remove protesters?

Richmond, Virginia (Trump) - 2 people escorted out: 

Vermont Trump Rally 
This is downright pathetic (throwing tomatoes at a candidate) 
Columbus, Ohio (Trump Rally) 

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