Monday, December 28, 2015

WWE - Push Sasha Banks aka The Boss

Normally when a man is watching WWE, one would think that there favorite wrestler would be a man. That is the case for me 99% of the time as The Undertaker is my all-time favorite followed by Triple H, Rob Van Damn, Mike Awesome and Jerry Lawler. However, these days, the WWE brand really sucks! They constantly push John Cena and his 5-moves of doom as he is the biggest draw the company has due to the kids that love him. But I am not a kid and I do not want to see the company push him or anyone like him.

Maybe when I was a kid I might have liked John Cena, but I highly doubt it considering who I loved back in the day. I remember my mother would take us to Louisville Gardens at least one Tuesday a month to see Memphis/AWA/NWA wrestling. My favorite wrestler in those days was Jerry Lawler aka The King because of his ruthless style of wrestling. He was even better when he teamed up Bill Dundee as I see several brawls back in those day. In addition to Lawler, my favorite tag team was The Fabulous Ones (Steve Kiern & Stan Lane) along with The Hart Foundation, and the Road Warriors.

As I grew older, WCW began to grow and I just never liked their product. The ring was smaller and the promos were trash, so I quit watching wrestling for about 8 years. But then the Monday Night Wars began and the attitude era made my love wrestling return. Sure I watched the old WWF big PPVs before this time, but now I was tuning into RAW and Smackdown religiously. The performers were outstanding and there was many to like such as: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, DX, The Ministry of Darkness, Kane, Undertaker, Mankind, The Rock, Stone Cold, and many, many more.

But then after the attitude era, the aggression era began and Cena hit the scene. At this point I tuned out, I didn't like him nor did I like the Biker version of the Undertaker. This was the downfall of WWE in my opinion. WWE had just bought out ECW and WCW and there was no competition in the market and the product went stale. The aggression era ended and now the PG era has made the show 100x worse. The only bright spot in the company in the last 8 years was C.M. Punk, but he is no longer around. But now they have Roman Reigns, a former member of the Shield (I loved the Shield) who is following the same path as Daniel Bryan and is the underdog who will soon take over the mantle of Cena and I'm not interested.

So how does this history related to Sasha Banks? Well since the WWE Network was established, I thought it would be cool to subscribe to watch some old PPV I grew up on, but little did I know that there was a brand called NXT that would blow my socks off. NXT is amazing and it is the only reason I keep the network. For those that do not know, NXT is managed by Triple HHH and it is the minor league of WWE and was initially used as a landing spot for training. However, NXT has exploded and I consider it better than Raw or Smackdown due to the wonderful wrestling and the wrestlers. There are storylines in NXT, but not as many as the bigger shows and much less complex. In NXT, it is all about the talent and watching these young performers "go!" I would go so far as saying the talent in NXT is far superior to the talent on the main roster and 100x better than TNA or ROH, especially the women of NXT.

The Four Horsewomen were established in NXT and they were Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Becky Lynch and of course, the Boss aka Sasha Banks. Sasha is a pure talent and the woman can "go" in the ring. Her non-stop commitment to delivering the best every time in the squared circle is 2nd to none. The only other woman that is near the same level as Sasha is Bayley, but don't get me wrong, Becky and Charlotte can go as well. But before these women hit the scene, a beautiful pale woman from U.K. was making waves in NXT and is now a major star on the main roster and her name is Paige. On Paige's first appearance on RAW she beat AJ Lee for the title and her career has since soared. She is now the main contender for the Diva's (Women's) Championship against Charlotte Flair.

So earlier in 2015, the Diva's division was BORING, especially after AJ Lee retired and the division needed a major boost. Thus, Becky, Charlotte and Sasha were called up to the main roster and 3 divisions were created. Sasha joing Tamia and Naomi to form Team B.A.D., Becky and Charlotte joined Paige to form Team P.C.B. so that both teams could battle the Team Bella which includes the Bella sisters and Alicia Fox. 

It was an amazing night for the NXT women, but things haven't been the greatest since that night for Sasha Banks because Vince McMahon has no clue how to book the women's division. I understand why he wanted to put the belt on Charlotte, being Rick Flair's daughter and all, but the pure talent of Sasha is being wasted on a team that she does not need. It is time to let Sasha be the boss so that the WWE Universe can see some of the best matches ever taken place between Sasha and Charlotte. 

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