Friday, April 24, 2015

Michigan State Spartans - 2015 Football Uniforms

Nike has unveiled the 2015 uniforms for the Michigan State Spartans. From the first glance, these uniforms look good, however, once you drill into them in more detail, you can begin to see flaws in the design.

Here is what Nike had to say about the new uniform:
The new uniform features an all-new chassis including the latest in lightweight fabric innovation built for maximum speed (B.S.), ventilation and comfort. The uniform includes three distinct woven mesh fabrics (will sweat make the uniform appear to have three different colors?) for optimal thermoregulation. Each panel on the jersey and pants matches specifically to the pads underneath in order to promote maximum airflow.

The updated design is anchored by MSU's Greek pattern adorning the jersey sleeves and extending through the pants, as a reminder of strength and power in unity. At home, the Spartans will wear green jerseys, with contrasting white nameplates and numbers, with the option of either white or green pants. The away look reverses the scheme with with white jersey and pants with green numbers. The core look also includes a second version of the white pants featuring a contracting green inset panel.

The phalanx battle formation, perfected by ancient Spartan warriors, represents an impenetrable unified front and is known as one of the most feared tactical formations in history. The all-new alternate Spartan football uniform brings this story to life, visually representing the phalanx when the team stands side-by-side on the field. Influenced by Spartan shields, bronze sleeve caps house the MSU logo and pay homage to the gridiron warrior's homeland. The alternate jersey also features subtle bronze highlights throughout the design.

The Spartan logo displays prominently on the helmet, jersey neckline and right hip of the pants. The logo is also revealed as a lockup graphic on the palms of the Nike Vapor Knit Glove. The tonal Greek key pattern on the uniform appears as a printed graphic on the glove palm.

My ratings for this update is 8.06 out of 10. I will most my full ratings on Monday.


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