Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DC Comics - TV Shows Update

I love comics and I love DC Comics more than Marvel. Yes, DC Comics dominate Marvel in my household. I believe Arrow is the best Superhero TV Show that has ever been made and the newest spinoff to that wonderful series is a very close second.

The spinoff in question is The Flash. Barry Allen the fastest man alive who protects the streets of Central City is the latest and greatest Superhero TV show today.

Episode 1 of this new series gave us a lot of Easter Eggs with the biggest one showing a jail cell busted open from the inside with a nameplate of Grodd.

During last nights, Plastique episode the viewers were shown a glimpse of what Grodd looked like in the cage before he became meta-human. (The pictures below show the actual image and an image that has been lightened) 

Now we can only hope that it is a matter of time before we get to see Gorilla Grodd in his true form as the ultimate villain for The Flash. 


The original Black Canary (Sarah Lance) has died and now her sister will soon pick up her role as the Canary and below is a new picture of her uniform. I like this outfit more than what her sister wore in previous episodes:

Laurel Lance:

Sarah Lance:

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