Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Under Armor Uniform (Standard & Shamrock)

I normally do not like Notre Dame or care about their uniforms as Adidas has screwed them up in the past. But yesterday, Under Armor introduced their new Fighting Irish uniforms and I was quite frankly blow away. How they managed to match the gold throughout the uniform is quite remarkable since Adidas & Nike have been unable to do this for many teams in both college and the NFL. For that alone, I knew I had to rate their standard uniform and the scoring speaks for itself: 9.54 out of 10. Amazing!

 Standard Uniform:

Shamrock Series:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

SEC Football - Ranking the Uniforms

If you cannot tell by my homepage, I am an SEC homer as I believe it is the best conference in college football. The conference is a power house in football play, but what about in uniform design? Well today, I am going to rank each team in the conference based on my personal opinion. Let's get started as I scored these uniforms on 13 categories with scores ranging from 1 - Poor to 10 - Perfect. Some schools were given higher marks because of their traditional uniforms (LSU, Bama, etc.). The list of all tabulated scores are at the bottom of the page. 

1) LSU Tigers - 9.85

2) Auburn Tigers - 9.23

3) Alabama Crimson Tide - 8.69

4) South Carolina Gamecocks - 8.54

5) Georgia Bulldogs - 8.54

6) Florida Gators - 8.39

7) Kentucky Wildcats - 8.14

8) Arkansas Razorbacks - 8.08

9) Missouri Tigers - 7.95

10) Tennessee Volunteers - 7.94

11) Vanderbilt Commodores - 7.92

12) Miss. State Bulldogs - 7.73

13) Ole Miss Rebels - 7.64

14) Texas A&M Aggies - 6.92

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LSU Tigers Update Number Font

I love the LSU Tigers uniforms and I was extremely disappointed when they changed the number font last year, but apparently I was not the only one as they have changed their font this year and it looks fantastic!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to Change the Redskin name

Here is a simple solution for Dan Synder to change the Redskins name to SKINS, but do it like this: