Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oklahoma!!!! What have you done!!!!

What in the world is the Oklahoma Sooners thinking by allowing Nike to create an alternate uniform for the team? The team did not need anything new at all, but if they were going to add something, it could have just been a set of red pants. But nope, they went and allowed Nike to create them a whole new uniform to go along with their traditional look. I have given these new uniforms a 6.08 out of 10 and thankfully they are an alternate set as this would have been a major downgrade.

 Those "points" on the chest kinda reminds me of Arkansas. I mean I am used to Adidas using templates for every school, but now Nike it doing it and it sucks.

 The replicas below show the Cream color in more detail and I think they look good.

Below is the updated stadium on the Sooners: 

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