Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Houston Cougars Football 2014

Houston, you have fixed the problem from the set that was worn on the field last year. Today, the Cougars unveiled their 2014 football uniforms and although they are simplistic in nature, they are a major upgrade from what the team wore last year. The only two issues I have with this new look is the shoulders (they are too plain, TV numbers or Cougar logo could have went a long way) and the lack of red pants (which I am sure will be introduced later this year). Overall, I believe this is a major upgrade and I gave this uniform a 8.92 out of 10.

2013 Uniforms

Top Football Uniforms That Use Gray Facemasks

If you have paid attention to this blog or if you know me over at Chris Creamer's Sports Logos forum (nuordr) you know that I HATE gray facemasks on teams that do not use the color anywhere on their uniform. But what upsets me is that a lot of uniforms could be amazing if the facemask were changed to a color associated with the team. Take the New York Giants as an example, they have a gray facemask, but they also wear gray pants and that is acceptable. But take the San Francisco 49ers as they have a gray facemask, but their colors are red and gold and gray is not used anywhere on the uniform and this destroys their overall look. Therefore, when I do a top 10 list of football uniforms, it is very rare that you will ever see me list a team with a gray facemask; and so I have decided to look and rank the Top 10 uniforms for teams that use gray facemask when the color is not used anywhere else on the uniform.

1. Buffalo Bills

2. San Francisco 49ers

3. Cleveland Browns

4. Alabama Crimson Tide

5. University of Southern California

6. Arizona Cardinals

7. Indianapolis Colts

8. Texas A&M

9. Notre Dame

10. Iowa State

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Arena League Football - Team Uniform Ratings

Over the last month, when I have seen a AFL game on TV, I have stopped and watch a few minutes of the game to check out the uniforms worn by the teams. I used to watch the AFL all the time back in the days when the uniforms were outstanding. My favorite uniform ever was worn by the Iowa Barnstormers, but the best looking uniform in the history of the league was worn by the Tampa Bay Storm. Today, the classic uniforms of the past are replaced by a majority of ugly sets no thanks to Russell Athletic. Russell has had a history of bad uniform design with a few exceptions. Their best looking uniform was created for Western Kentucky University and the home and away uniforms was simplistic and amazing. But leave it to Russell to take something great and change it to garbage. In 2013, WKU's new homeaway & alternate uniforms were flat out ugly and they proved that modern is not always good.

Now if you look at WKU's uniforms, then you will get a feel of how the AFL looks in 2014. The uniforms striping, piping and overall appearance screams horrible design with a few surprises. Therefore, what I wanted to do in this post was rank the uniforms for each team home and away uniform. Then at the end I will provide my Top 5 favorite uniforms ever in the AFL.

Home Uniforms:
1. Tampa Bay Storm

2. Philadelphia Soul

3. San Jose SaberCats

4. Orlando Predators

5. Cleveland Gladiators

6. Arizona Rattlers

7. Portland Thunder

8. Spokane Shock

9. New Orleans Voodoo

10. Jacksonville Sharks

11. Iowa Barnstormers

12. San Antonio Talons

13. Pittsburgh Power

14. Los Angeles Kiss

Away Uniforms:
1. Tampa Bay Storm

2. Philadelphia Soul

3. Jacksonville Sharks

4. Arizona Rattlers

5. Iowa Barnstormers

6. San Jose SaberCats

7. Orlando Predators

8. Pittsburgh Power

9. San Antonio Talons

10. New Orleans Voodoo

11. Spokane Shock

12. Cleveland Gladiators

13. Portland Thunder

14. Los Angeles Kiss

Top 5 All-Time Uniforms:
1. Iowa Barnstormers

2. New Orleans Voodoo

3. Dallas Desperadoes

4. Tampa Bay Storm (Even with gray facemasks)

5. Utah Blaze