Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Arkansas Razorbacks - 2014 Nike Uniform

On April 21, 2014, the Arkansas Razorbacks unveiled their 2014 Nike football uniforms along with a full re-brand for all college athletics and a new front-facing logo. Below I will rate the football uniforms and display the pictures of the uniform:

Overall, I believe this is an upgrade over their previous set. However, I will provide an additional review once I see other fonts....I give this a 6.69 out of 10. Upon seeing a better view of the stripes on the pants and the fonts, I have now rated this uniform a 8.0 out of 10.


•    A forward-facing, contemporary secondary Razorback mark to be used consistently by all intercollegiate athletic teams.
•    Custom wordmarks and numeral set.
•    Primary and secondary color palettes.
Primary Identity – Razorback Logo
Perhaps the most unique college mascot, the Razorback is considered one of the top sports icons in the United States.  A Razorback attack is aggressive, fast and powerful. To complement the primary mark, a forward-facing Razorback has been designed to use across all athletic teams.
Primary Colors
Cardinal and White serve as the primary colors for the Razorbacks. Cardinal has been Arkansas’s primary color since the students took it to a vote in 1895. Cardinal elicits a strong emotional response representing strength, leadership, and courage. The color white provides pops of confidence.
Secondary Colors 
The color black is sophisticated and powerful, and has been added to the secondary color palette for limited use. Additionally, a neutral palette of Anthracite and Dark Steel Grey has been included to add depth and flexibility. Gray is a perfect neutral because it sits between the extremes of black and white. It is the color of intellect and knowledge, and is classic, sleek and refined.
Typography and Wordmarks
To assist in creating a consistent look for a wide variety of athletic communications, a custom numeral set and custom wordmarks for “Arkansas” and “Razorbacks” have been designed to enhance the overall brand.
Custom athletic numerals have been designed to complement the wordmarks as well as unite athletics across multiple sports.  The contemporary rounded numerals serve as a balance to the angular wordmarks and Razorback logos.
The sans-serif typeface Interstate was selected to complement the primary identity. Interstate is part of a family that offers a range of weights, providing great versatility and legibility in print and electronic applications. The counters are open, even in the bold and bold condensed weights, further contributing to legibility.
The custom typeface Razorback will continue to be used in an all capital format on all venue branding as well as headline and body copy for athletic department marketing materials and support verbiage.
Typography—Arkansas “A”
The baseball cap is an important means by which to identify a team. Historically, the logo, mascot or team’s initial is placed on the cap. Arkansas proudly displays the letter “A” on their caps. Reserved exclusively for use in baseball and softball, the Arkansas “A” pays homage to the historical relevance of these sports to the university throughout its history.

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