Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tampa Bay Buccaneers new helmet & logo

As far as this redesign, I will hold out final judgement until I see the whole uniform (March 5), but as of right now, this is a major downgrade for me due to the following:
  • Logo too big on helmet
  • New flag looks like a kid drew it - the flag does not look ragged and weathered like the old one did. 
  • The skull looks like it came from the Terminator movies
  • The new pewter color on the helmet is great in a lot of light, not so much in less light as it looks black - I have never been a fan of changing colors on helmets (and cars).
  • The chrome facemask is okay as it nearly matches the color of the helmet in the light. 
  • The pirate ship secondary logo is an upgrade
  • The new wordmark is an upgrade
 I just hope that chrome is not added to the uniforms themselves.

New Helmet 

Old Helmet

From the Buccaneers Website: 


Is this the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers helmet? - Updated 01:09pm - This is a Photoshop of a Oregon Helmet