Monday, October 28, 2013

Just Stop It Already!!!!!!

I used to be all for NCAA football teams having multiple modern uniforms, but man teams are getting out of hand these days and I long for the day when it stops. I really liked what Oregon was attempting to do when they introduced their diamond-plated uniforms, but to go from those beauties to these atrocious designs need to stop now!The thing that really pisses me off about the Ducks is that there school colors actually go together quite well (except for the horrible helmet) in their uniform, but they instead try to go for the FUGLY effect.

So now that Oregon has established themselves as the school that does not believe in tradition, other schools are trying to follow them and so far it is not looking great for the most part. Take Maryland as an example when they decided to introduce this ugly ass set a few years ago only to be made fun of and now they have already toned it down and changed to this look. While their current set is toned down and they put a logo on the helmet, it still does not hold a candle to this beautiful helmet of the past.

Now there are teams like Miami (OH) who are trying to go modern only to fall flat on their face with this new uniform with the bowling ball helmet. The thing with Miami that pisses me off was that their former helmet and set was great for them and now they just look like a bunch of idiots on the field.

Do you remember the Pro Combats that Nike used for select teams? I do and I wish we could go back to those days as only a select few teams had a special one-off uniform. But not today as Adidas, Russell, Under Armor and Nike are throwing a new one-off design on the field every week and it is just causing teams to loose their identity. This week for example, Texas Tech unveiled their "I Will Never Quit" uniform and it looks like okay, but it is an unnecessary addition to a uniform set that only needed more red in it.

Yesterday, Nike unveiled a new Houston Cougars uniform that is BFBS (Black for Black Sakes) and is not needed and looks like crap. I mean why introduce the California stripes on the pants? Why include the armpits on the sides? Why place a black logo on the side of a helmet that can barely be seen? To me, it just appears that Nike through several templates together in black material and said this was a new uniform. Heck, if your gonna do anything for the Cougars get rid of their standard template.

Where does it stop? Currently, I don't see a stop coming as more and more teams feel like they need to be Oregon and that is a crying shame as there are many teams in college football that look great the way they are. Sure some teams could use and updated template (Illinois, Miami) and an additional accent color, but there is no need for every team to have a special one-off uniform or try to be like Oregon. I would suggest that schools focus on winning football games and build their traditional on winning instead of looking like clowns.

Some of the worst looking uniforms of the year:

All the new Oregon Ducks Helmets


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