Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Order - July 28th - Merriweather Pavilion, Columbia, MD

In 1993, I was two years out of high school and my music of choice was heavy metal and alternative. I would not listen to anything else unless my girlfriend wanted to listen to her poppy crap However, this all changed when my brother introduced me to the GREATEST BAND in the world.....New Order and their album Republic. My brother's song of choice was "Regret" and that song forever changed my taste of music as the lyrics simple spoke about how I regretted mistakes that I made in my earlier years.

After listening to this wonderful album I become obsessed with the band and had to buy every single album , cd, and 7" and 12" versions of their singles. Upon listening to the band's earlier music, I like most of the world fell in love with "Blue Monday" as that is the greatest selling 12" single of all-time. However, a few years later after listening to "Temptation" and "Ceremony" I realized that these two songs were by far my favorite recording by the band. Ceremony introduced me to the late great Ian Curtis the lead singer of Joy Division, the band that formed New Order once Ian committed suicide.

Looking back in time, critics give the Sex Pistols credit for leading the punk/rock movement when in fact, Joy Division should also be mentioned in that same breath as their music plays a heavy role on artists even to this day. Their biggest song, Love Will Tear Us Apart was released in 1980 and it was about the relationship of Ian and his wife Deborah and how their love. Even though Joy Division will always be remembered for Ian and Love Will Tear Us Apart, there is so much more to the band than just the song and the singer. The band's music was dark and heavy with lyrics that can touch anyone that is struggling. I am thankful for Joy Division, because if it was not for them I would not have got to see my favorite band ever in concert.

Now at the young age of 40, I finally had the opportunity to see New Order in concert and I jumped at the chance. When I first learned they were touring the U.S. at the age of 57 (Bernard Sumner - Lead Singer), 57 (Stephen Morris - Drummer), 52 (Gillian Gilbert - Keyboard) I called my brother in Kentucky and told him the tickets were on me if he could come to D.C. to see the concert. He jumped at the chance and on July 28, 2013 we attended our first and most likely last New Order concert. Below is the song list and some videos...I hope you enjoy them I did.

Song List:
1. Elegia
2. Crystal
3. Regret
4. Ceremony - (Joy Division Song)
5. Age of Consent
6. Isolation - (Joy Division Song)
7. Here to Stay
8. Krafty
9. Your Silent Face
10. World
11. Bizarre Love Triangle
12. True Faith
13. 5 8 6
14. Perfect Kiss
15. Blue Monday
16. Temptation
17. Atmosphere - (Joy Division Song)
18. Shadowplay - (Joy Division Song)
19. Love Will Tear Us Apart - (Joy Division Song)

Pictures of the Light Show:

Videos of New Order Live

Saturday, August 3, 2013

South Carolina Gamecocks

The Gamecocks have new uniforms for 2013 and I like them....a lot! Please check out this photo gallery for more pictures before I can give a solid preview.

Overall Grade of  8.58 out 10

This is a major upgrade for the Gamecocks and maybe the best new uniform of the year.