Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Central Florida Knights Football Uniforms 2013

On Tuesday, May 7th, the University of Central Florida Knights introduced their new 2013 uniforms. So far I like what I see as far as the jersey and pants, but the helmets are different story altogether. The team could not get much worse than their previous set as this new one kinda reminds me of Rutgers uniforms that were released last yest with the sword stripe on the pants.

Below I have listed some of the pictures released from yesterday's Hometown Huddle meeting as well as some simulated designs that were posted of all the uniform combinations. As far as the helmets, early word is that they will both have logos on both sides of the helmet, but until I can see a clear picture of that I will hold out on ranking the uniforms. The helmet with the gold at the bottom reminds me of the special helmet that Navy introduced last year.

Overall Grade .. out of 10:

Apparently the helmet on the left is a prototype and it will eventually have the same gold color as the helmet on the right. 

Thankfully the white helmet is still their primary helmet: 

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