Monday, November 26, 2012

GFGS (Grey for Grey Sake)

So everyone over at Chris Creamer's Sports Logos forum is bitching about me consistently bitching about Grey facemasks on teams that have no grey or little to no grey in their uniform. So I have decided to bitch about this on my own damn site. Therefore if you love grey facemasks then you might as well leave this page immediately.

What is my definition of GFGS? It is when a college or pro football team updates their uniform and introduces a grey facemask for no apparent reason. Take the Buffalo Bills as an example, they updated their uniforms to a beautiful set, but they used a grey facemask that destroys the whole look of the helmet because they do not you grey anywhere else on their uniform.

New Bills Uniform (No grey except on the helmet)

Previous Bills Uniform (The white facemask works because they wear white)

Old School Uniform (Notice the Blue Facemask?)

The Bills are the not the only criminals at ruining a perfect uniform in the NFL. The next team that comes to mind is the San Francisco 49ers. If they had updated their new uniform with this helmet it would have been a great looking uniform. The next offenders to this crime is the Cleveland Browns. Why they removed the white facemasks is a mystery that baffles me every time I see them play. One of the worst offenders has to be the Arizona Cardinals. When they finally changed their uniform to a more modern design, they did the worst thing possible and kept a grey facemask when a red facemask would have been the cherry on the sundae.

There are teams in the NFL that does do the grey facemask justice and they include the Dallas Cowboys.  New York Giants and the Oakland Raiders as these teams use grey properly to match the silver/grey in the rest of their uniform.

Stay tuned for more to come!

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