Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Night Premiere's - Part II

Tonight officially kicks off the Fall TV season as all the major networks start their fall schedule. Out of all the show tonight, I am most looking forward to the return of Castle and him and Beckett finally made the jump from partners to PARTNERS. It will be interesting to see how they both react to finally being a couple and whether or not they last.

The second most hyped show for me is How I Met Your Mother due to the show nearing its end and the audience soon realizing who Ted's wife is in the end. Although it might not happen this season, I feel that if it does not, then we will know by next year. Now here is the rest of the shows scheduled for tonight.

2 Broke Girls - 9:00pm CBS (season premiere)
Alphas - 8:00pm SyFy
Bones - 8:00pm FOX
Castle - 10:00pm ABC (season premiere)
Hawaii Five-O - 10:00pm CBS (season premiere)
How I Met Your Mother - 8:00pm CBS (season premiere)
Mike and Molly - 9:30pm CBS (season premiere)
Mob Doctor - 9:00pm FOX
Partners - 8:30pm CBS (season premiere)
Revolution - 10:00pm NBC
The Voice - 8:00pm NBC
Warehouse 13

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