Monday, September 17, 2012

Joker Phllips is a "JOKE"


If you know me personally, then you would know that I did not like when Joker Phillips was named the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats once Rich Brooks retired. I have always stated that in order for the Wildcats to compete in the SEC, then they needed to bring in a high-profile coach. But instead of conducting several interviews with the best candidates on the market, Mitch Barnhardt handed the keys to the program over to a unproven assistant head coach in 2008.

Fast Forward 4 years ================>

It is the start of the 2012 season and Kentucky is coming off of one of the worst offensive seasons ever. The previous year, the Wildcats ranked 118 out of 120 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).  The defense ranked 86th which was not too bad considering the team is in the SEC. The teams overall record was 5-7 (2-6 in the SEC). The season started off bad when we only beat WKU 14-3, a game that should have been a blow out because in 2010, the score was 63-28. Then we beat Central Michigan (MAC), then lost 4 consecutive games to Louisville (Big East), Florida (SEC), LSU (SEC) and South Carolina (SEC). The we won a game against lowly Jacksonville State (FCS School), lost again to Miss. State (SEC), won versus Ole Miss (SEC), lost two in a row to Vandy (SEC) and Georgia (SEC) and finally after 26 years we beat Tennessee (SEC)*.

* Tennessee had it worst offensive season in over 20 years and this win save Joker for another year.

The 2012 schedule has not been good through three weeks for the Wildcats, the first game of the year saw the Wildcats traveling to the newly renovated Papa John's Cardinal Stadium for face a Louisville Cardinal team ranked in the Top 25. The final score of the game was Louisville 32 - Kentucky 14 and the game was not really that close as the Cards pulled their starting QB in the 3rd quarter to take it easy on the lowly Wildcats.

The Wildcats then went home to face Kent State Golden Flashes and came out of the game with a 47-14 win that say the offense play like that have not played since Rich Brooks was the coach. The fans were thrilled and most of them say a ray of light at the end of the tunnel for Joker. But the following week would remind the fans that no matter how much you shine a turd, it is still a turd.

September 15, 2012 - WKU vs Kentucky at Commonwealth Stadium
The game starts and there is a foul mood in the air. Max Smith (QB) throws three first half interceptions and WKU takes advantage by going up 17-0.
Kentucky scores 10 points in the second quarter to go to halftime down 17-10.
The Wildcat fans feel like they have momentum on their side.
WKU receives the second half kickoff and marches down the field to score and go up 24-10. Kentucky returned the favor and scored to bring the tally to 24-17.
Then with 24 seconds to go in the game, Kentucky scores again to tie the game at 24-24 and we are going to overtime.
WKU wins the toss and elects to play defense.
Kentucky scores on an 11 yard George run to go up 31-24.
WKU gets the ball and scores on a 2 yard Andrews run to make the score 31-30.
WKU lines up to go for the 2-point conversion...
Timeout WKU
The coaches talk and they send the offense back on the field.

The snap and Jakes (QB) pitches the ball to the right to  Andrews (RB) who then toss the ball laterally back to Jakes who then runs into the endzone and wins the game. WKU 32-UK 31. The WORST LOSS in the history of the Kentucky Wildcat Football program and Joker Phillips must be fired!

Video and Photos from game:
Video of the 2-pt play to win the game.


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