Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nike - Please fix the NFL!

For those of you that do not know, Nike will soon replace Reebok and the #1 sponsor of uniform related apparel. This means that new uniforms may be on the way for a few teams, while some will just switch from a Reebok logo to a Nike logo. As of right now, no one knows for sure how many teams will change to new designs. So far this is what I know from sports boards that I am associated with:

Teams making changes:

Seattle Seahawks - Nike has submitted one design that was turned down by ownership and they are currently making new uniforms. However, the owner did say that the 1976 uniform would be their throwback for the next few seasons. Hopefully their new uniform does not change much from what they have now. Maybe add more neon green and be done with it.

Carolina Panthers - It is rumored that the Panthers will have a complete new design next season considering that they have not changed their standard set since their inception. Hopefully they use the current color scheme and just the uniform template.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Tony Khan (the owners son) sent out this tweet which makes me wonder that the Jaguars may change their current set. I really hope they do because when they went to this current template, I personally felt that it was the worst downgrade in history of uniform designs. Maybe they can incorporate more black and gold into a new modern uniform.

Denver Broncos - Their current set is actually a Nike template that was introduced in 1997 I believe and the template will not be changing, however, the Broncos have already announced that the current orange alternate would be the primary next season.

What I would like to see:

Arizona Cardinals - I hope Nike burns the black alternate uniform and replaces it with the Pat Tillman set for 1 game each season. Then for the normal set, I wish Nike would do two things to the helmet, either change the face mask color to red or black, or change the color of the helmet to red or black and make the face mask the opposite color. Next I hope Nike does not change a thing to the uniform itself. I love their all-red look and hope it becomes their home set.

Atlanta Falcons - I hope Nike leaves the uniform alone except to bring the black pants back. As far as the helmet, I would like to see the current logo on a red helmet with a black face mask. As for the throwback, I think it would be nice to go back to the Deion Sanders look.

Baltimore Ravens - I hope there are no changes made to this team.

Buffalo Bills - I hope Nike adds a blue pants to their new uniform (Current set introduced last year by Reebok).

Chicago Bears - I hope there are no changes made to this team.

Cincinnati Bengals - I hope Nike removes the White underarm side pits on the orange and black jerseys and leave the rest of the set as is.

Cleveland Browns - I hope Nike brings back the orange pants, brown pants with striping (mock-up pic), and creates a new alternate similar to this design (without the piping).

Dallas Cowboys - I hope Nike fixing the color scheme of the Cowboys by simply using one shade of blue.

Detroit Lions - I hope there are no changes made to this team.

Green Bay Packers - I hope there are no changes made to this team.

Houston Texans - I hope there are no changes made to this team.

Indianapolis Colts - I hope Nike brings back the blue face mask along with the blue pants or creates a complete new design.

Kansas City Chiefs - I hope Nike develops a new traditional template for the Chiefs.

Miami Dolphins - I hope Nike creates a new modern design for the Dolphins while keeping their current color scheme.

Minnesota Vikings - I hope no changes are made to this team.

New England Patriots - I hope Nike unveils a new red alternate of their current template.

New Orleans Saints - I hope Nike can use one shade of gold for the entire uniform.

New York Giants - I hope Nike introducing the Phil Simms era uniform as their throwbacks.

New York Jets - I hope no changes are made to this team.

Oakland Raiders - I hope no changes are made to this team.

Philadelphia Eagles - I hope Nike introducing the Randell Cunningham uniform as the throwback.

Pittsburgh Steelers - I hope Nike removes the current throwback and creates a new alternate jersey.

San Diego Chargers - I hope Nike makes the Powder Blues the main color by creating powder blue pants. Although this will never happen because the owner hates the Powder Blues.

San Francisco 49ers - I hope Nike adds more black to the color scheme.

St. Louis Rams - I hope Nike creates a new uniform for the Rams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - I hope no changes are made to this team.

Tennessee Titans - I hope no changes are made to this team.

Washington Redskins - I hope Nike introduces proper stripes for the gold pants.

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