Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Morning Uniforms

Well, this has been an interesting week in College Football Uniforms. We seen some new uniforms ranging from great to bad. My opinion changed has changed on the one-time Maryland Flag Uniform. While I like the helmet, I hate the rest of the uniform. It has just too much going on in the uniform itself. Here is a concept of the Maryland uniforms in with one side of the flag.

Now that I have watched Boise State play in their all-white pro combat (usually I hate all-white) I have grown on these uniforms. I do not know why, but BSU just looked great as storm troopers. My major complaint is that the helmet needs to have a logo on both sides because without them they look too much like Penn. State. Also is that game, Georgia showed off their Pro Combats and while I wish they wore silver pants to match the helmet, I still like the overall uniform itself, especially the helmet.

Wyoming's new uniform looks good and is an improvement over last years.

Illinois needs to change their uniform template, it is old and awful looking.

Oklahoma State debuted their new gray jerseys and even though I do not like this combination, I am looking forward to them debuting this one.
Oregon's Uniforms were amazing. Heck that color schemes goes with my new shoes. However, most people will say these are horrible, yet I will always support Oregon because they are modern and not the same old, same old. Someone posted a photo-shopped pics of Oregon new uniform tinted green and it looks great. 

People may hate the new Maryland helmet, but my award for the ugliest helmet goes to New Mexico. It looks like an eight-year-old made this horrible design. I hope they go back to last years design the rest of the year.

East Carolina was sporting a new helmet and it is an improvement over these.

Memphis Tigers err Miami Hurricanes template is okay, the name on the pants makes this set.

There is a poll that appeared on ESPN about traditional uniforms vs modern uniforms....my team is winning.

More to come later today...

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