Monday, September 5, 2011

Maryland vs. Miami

Tonight, we will get our first hand national TV look at the new Maryland uniforms. I am very curious to see which set they will debut tonight and which helmet. Today on ESPN radio, it was reported that Maryland may wear a new helmet that was not revealed at uniform ceremony. I sure hope it is this look with a logo on the side. For the record, I hate logo-less helmets, even though this turtle shell look pretty good.

As for Miami, do not expect anything out of the ordinary. Al Golden stated earlier this year that Miami would wear Orange-White at home and White-White on the road. Pretty boring for the Hurricanes if you ask me. However, there are reports that Miami may switch their uniforms back to this style for this season. I would not mind that look, but I do not want to see this look or this look. Too boring for Miami. I guess we will find out tonight.

Update: Miami are in their normal Orange-White uniform, while Maryland has debuted a new uniform.
Here are some pictures: 

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